Investigating activist Abir Kopty
June 3, 2013

The Israeli police called on Monday the activist Abir Kopty from Nazareth to investigate her in Akko Police, on suspicion of inciting "violence and terrorism against the recruitment of Arabs to the Israeli army." Abir Kopty explained that he she received a phone call from the police asking her to come to the station for investigation, without specifying the charges against her. She added that during the investigation in the Akko police station, she was accused of “inciting violence and terrorism” and that was after publishing articles where she expressed her opinions against the military recruitment for Christians in the Israeli army, and she said the investigation was political more than anything else. During the investigation with Abir Kopty, the police asked her to do a D.N.A. text and after discussing it with her lawyer she refused, and so another file had been opened for her upon her refusal.