Employees of Procedures and Collections Department raids the house of Abdeen in Beit Hanina to seize its properties
June 4, 2013

The Israeli Procedures and Collections Department raided last Monday the house of Hazem Abdeen in the village of Bet Hanina north of Jerusalem to seize all of the house’s properties, under the pretext of accumulation of property tax debt. Abdeen explained that the employees along with Israeli police raided his house in the early morning hours to seize all the properties, but he refused to open the door, and so they threatened him that he would be arrested and they would blow out the door and get it, and then the forces withdrew from around the house. He added that he had assigned his lawyer to submit “an urgent request” to the Procedures and Collections Department asking them not to raid his house and seize his property, and he was waiting for an answer, knowing that they could raid his house anytime before there is a decision not to, as to what the lawyer told him, noting that they tried to raid his house one more time in the afternoon hours but he still refused to open the door. He noted that he is committed to paying the property tax on his house for the past 5 years, and is also paying the accumulated debt after making a settlement in court with the Procedures and Collections department to make monthly payment, but he was surprised when his accumulated debt file was reopened, which is around 250 thousand NIS. Abdeen said: “my house is 72 square meters and according to the Israeli laws and regulations, I should be titles to an exemption of property tax, but in the official papers it is registered as 182 square meters, and during the last few years the debt had accumulated but I have been committed to paying a monthly payment for the past five years.” He also said that he is currently unemployed and stated that eight individuals live in the house. He also mentioned that he was harassed by the Procedures and Collections Department in the past, where they seized a lot of the house’s properties.

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