Settlers of “Bet Aort” assault the residents of Al-Tur and the police arrests three Jerusalemites
June 4, 2013

The Israeli police arrested last Tuesday three Jerusalemites from the village of Al-Tur during clashes between the youth and settlers from “Bet Aort”. Mufeed Abu Ghannam, Head of Follow-up committee in Al-Tur, said that nearly 30-40 Israeli settlers from “Bet Aort” threw stones towards the passing by cars, which led to the breaking of the windows of three cars, in addition to some damages in the bodies of the cars, noting that this is the third attack in the last five days. He also said that the Israeli forces arrived at Al-Tur and arrested three Jerusalemites but did not prevent the settlers from their assault or arrest any of them. He pointed out that the car of Khalil Abu Ghannam suffered some damages last Friday after the settlers threw stones at it and he contacted the police which asked him to file an official claim in the police station, and did not arrest any of the settlers who were present in the location, comparing that to the several raids that were carried out in the village in the past few months to execute several arrest that included children and school kids for negligible reasons. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that Amir and Ahmad Abu Sbitan were among the detainees.