Extension of arrest for 8 Jerusalemites and the release of 14 others with conditions
June 4, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court extended the arrest of 7 Jerusalemites where a child was among them, and the police released 14 others with conditions. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Magistrate court extended the arrest of the child Laith Darwish 12 for another day, knowing that he was arrested last Tuesday’s early morning hours after raiding his home in Esawyeh, and accused him of burning lands in Esawyeh. The court also extended the arrest of Fadi Mohammad Atiya Mahmoud, Yehya Naser Issa, and Ali Kamal Mustafa 28, knowing that they were arrested last Tuesday after raiding their homes. Mohammad Mahmoud and Saleh Naeem Mheisen were presented to court and the sentencing was postponed until the 11th of June; the District court also postponed the sentencing of Ahmad Kayed Mahmoud until the 17th of the current month. Releases The Israeli Magistrate court released last Tuesday the child Mohammad Abdelkarim Halayqa 12, with a bail of 1000 NIS, and signing a 5000 NIS bail, and house arrest for a week, with the possibility of renewing it, knowing that the forces arrested Mohammad last Monday after raiding his home in Esawyeh, and search his room; his brother’s and uncle’s houses were also searched. Mohammad’s family explained that he was investigated for 5 hours without the presence of any of his parents, and he was accused of burning the lands next to the Israeli camp in the village, but the family confirmed that their son went on a trip the day the land was burnt. They also said that those lands get burnt occasionally in spring time in order to kill snakes and keep them away from the village. The Israeli police also released Ahmad Abu Aweis 47 and his son Mustafa 10, and Mohammad Issa Abu Aweis Dirbas 23 after arresting them from in front of their home in Esawyeh. In a related matter, the Israeli police released 6 young men from Bab Hutta on condition of deportation from the old city and house arrest for 15 days. They are: Ala’ Arafat Shahin 22, Mohammad Bayoumi 20, Mohammad Julani 19, Ahmad Jawdat Shawish 20, Mustafa Mhalwes 23, and Ahmad Mhalwes 14, as the Magistrate court ordered some of them to stay away 15 days from the old city, and sentenced others for house arrest of 15 days. The police also released 4 other young men who were arrested by the undercover units (Musta’ribeen) last Tuesday morning from in front of Al-Qibali mosque in Al-Aqsa, because they chanted “God is Great” when the settlers raided the courtyards of Al-Aqsa.