The release of prisoner Shidad Al-A’war’s mother
June 20, 2013

The Israeli police released on Tuesday Shidad’s mother after investigating her for three hours in “Kfar Saba” police station. Shidad’s mother was arrested while being in “Hasharon” prison visiting her son. A female soldier found a cell phone in her pocket and she was then taken to the police station. Basem Al-Hatou, lawyer of Youssef Al-Sideeq’s organization, headed to the police station where he confirmed and proved to the police that she did not intentionally leave the cell phone in her pocket and she was not trying to sneak it in, and that it was unintentionally done since this is the first time she visits her son and she was tired from the long way she had to come while having a 5-month baby. After the release of Shidad’s mother, she explained that this is the first time she visits anybody in a prison and said: “while the female soldier was searching me, I heard the sound of some coins in my pocket, and so I put my hand and found some coins along with my cell phone. I immediately informed her, but was surprised when I was taken out of the search room and got sent to the waiting room where I was detained for more than two hours and then they took me to “Kfar Saba” police station.” She also said that she has been prevented from visiting her son for two months, and that her oldest son Shadi is under house arrest at his aunt’s house in Jabal Al-Mukabber.