After severely beating him, Mohammad Qadamani is released on condition of house arrest
June 19, 2013

The Magistrate court judge released on Wednesday Mohammad Qadamani 22, with a 500 NIS bail and house arrest for four days. Qadamani was arrested on Wednesday after the Israeli police forces raided his home in Al-Sowaneh neighbourhood, and was attacked and beaten by the Israeli forces who were wearing masks; note that they raided his home to arrest his brother Amir. Qadamani explained that the forces tried to breach into his mother’s and sister’s room and when he intervened to prevent them, they surrounded him and started beating him with their hands, legs and rifle butts; he was then taken in the police car where he was attacked again. Qadamani was injured with several wounds and bruises in his face, head, back and leg and the police charged him with the attempt to attack and hit a policeman during the arrest.  

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