Extremists perform religious rituals inside Al-Aqsa…and the attack of one guard
June 22, 2013

Four extremists performed their religious rituals on Wednesday in front of Bab Al-Silsileh in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Witnesses said that extremists raided Al-Aqsa through Dung Gate and made a tour inside Al-Aqsa within the so-called “foreign tourism” program, and before leaving Bab Al-Silsileh, they laid on the ground and bowed themselves. The young men confronted them and started chanting; the police intervened, arrested them and took them to Bab Al-Silsileh police station. In the afternoon hours, one settler attacked Mwafaq Al-Hamami; one of Al-Aqsa security guards. Witnesses said that a settler was taking pictures of women while they were in Al-Aqsa, between Bab Qataneen and Bab Al-Silsileh. The guard came to stop him, but the settler refused which resulted in verbal altercations that ended when the settler strongly pushed the guard; he fell down and lost consciousness. They added that the youth inside Al-Aqsa kicked out the settler and then the ambulance came and transported Mwafaq Al-Hamami to Hadassah hospital.