The Magistrate court extends the arrest of four young men from Al-Sowaneh neighbourhood in Al-Tur
June 23, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court extended on Sunday the arrest of Majdi Abu Ghazaleh and Natheer Ammouri until next Tuesday to continue investigating them. The masked forces had raided their homes in Al-Sowaneh, arrested and assaulted them and then took them to Salah Eddin Street police station where they were investigated for few hours and then presented to the Magistrate court. The Palestinian prisoner’s club lawyer, Mufeed Al-Haj, said that the court accused Majdi and Natheer of throwing stones on the settlers’ cars in a public main street, without submitting any evidence to prove it. The court also extended on Sunday the arrest of Eyad Omar Al-Shalabi 22, and 18-year old Amir Qadamani from Al-Sowaneh in Al-Tur, until next Thursday to continue investigating them. They were arrested last Wednesday after raiding their homes and assaulting and hitting Amir’s brother, Mohammad 22, who was released later on after being presented to court which sentenced him for house arrest of four days and a bail of 500 NIS. The court charged Shalabi and Qadamani with the attempt to assault settlers, and the lawyer Jad Qadamani from the Palestinian prisoner’s club represented them in court as well as Tarek Barghouti from the Ministry of Prisoners.