Extremists of the so called “Price Tag” slash the tires of 24 cars in Beit Hanina
June 24, 2013

Israeli extremists of the so called “Price Tag” slashed the tires of 24 cars that belong to the residents of Beit Hanina near the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev, they also wrote slogans in Hebrew “We won’t put up with throwing stones”, and drew David’s star on one of the cars. Residents woke up and were ready to go to work and take their kids to school, only to find out that the tires of their cars were slashed, which limited their movement. They called the police that came to the scene and took pictures of the damaged cars and investigated the residents. There was also a slogan on a building that belongs to Abu Rammouz family which said “We won’t put up with throwing stones”. The municipality crews came and wanted to cover the writing using sand but Awni Abu Rammouz objected and told them that he will remove it by himself; the crews called the police and insisted on covering the slogan resulting in an escalation between the two parties and verbal altercations and pushing each other using hands; finally the municipality crews removed the slogan.