A Jerusalemite self-demolishes his home in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem
June 22, 2013

The Jerusalemite, Munther Hijazi, was forced on Saturday afternoon to self-demolish his home that is located in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem, after 12 years of building it. The municipality’s court ordered him to completely demolish his home and provide them with pictures to prove it in the next session scheduled on the 17th of September. Abu Mohammad 57, his family and the neighbours all participated in the demolition process using a big hammer. Munther built the 55-square meter house in 2000 which is on the third floor and consists of two rooms and a living room and their facilities; Abu Mohammad, his wife, his daughter in law and three other sons where the oldest is 9 years old and the youngest is two all lived in the apartment. Abu Mohammad explained that in 2001, a 36 thousand NIS building violation fee was imposed on him by the occupation’s municipality which he paid in full. He said that he got surprised in November of 2012 when he received a letter from the municipality stating that the apartment should be demolished. He hired a lawyer and the first session was conducted on 12/02/2013, and the case was postponed until the 27th of May when the court asked him to either pay outrageous amounts of money or have the municipality’s employees demolish his home or self-demolish it. Abu Mohammad said: “the Jerusalem municipality asked me to take pictures of the demolition process and submit them to the municipality’s court in the next session scheduled on 17/09/2013.” He also said that he will remain in the old city of Jerusalem because he can’t live outside of it since he was born and raised there.