District court sentences a young man from Shu’fat refugee camp for 30 months
July 2, 2013

The Israeli District court sentenced today Ayman Naser Da’ajneh 18 from Shu’fat refugee camp for 30 months and a suspended sentence of 3 years. He was arrested along with eight other men from the refugee camp on 25/10/2012 on charges of burning a monitoring room that belongs to the soldiers at the military checkpoint in Shu’fat refugee camp. Ayman is currently prisoned in “Nafha” prison, while his older brother Mahmoud 20 is in “Jalbou” prison; note that he had spent 8 months of his 3-year sentence and is arrested with his grandfather Mahmoud Nofal, Dean of Jerusalem’s prisoners, and who had spent 21 years in prison as he is serving a life sentence. The Magistrate court extended the arrest of 3 young men from Al-Sowaneh in Al-Tur until next Thursday to submit an indictment against them in the District court. They are: Eyad Shalabi 22, Amir Qadamani 18, Ahmad Al-Alami 22 and they are accused of assaulting a settler. Shalabi and Qadamani were arrested two weeks ago and their arrest was extended last Thursday until Monday, while Ahmad Al-Alami was arrested on the 27th of June 2013, and his arrest was extended until Monday.