Prison sentence for young men from Silwan and two young men from Bab Hutta and Beit Hanina
June 27, 2013

The District court sentenced on Thursday Adnan Khaled Rajabi 21 from Bab Hutta for 5 years and a fine of 4000 NIS and a suspended sentence of 10 months for 3 years; note that he has been detained for a year and 3 months on charges of stabbing a religious Israeli man in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. The District court also sentenced several young men from Silwan who were arrested in June of 2011, they are: Ahmad Jalal Al-A’war (17) sentenced for 16 months, Issa Al-Kurd (17) sentenced for 3 months of actual imprisonment, the two brothers Ahmad (16) and Mohammad Riyad Da’na (17) sentenced for 19 months and 15 months, respectively, and 18-year old Ali Da’na who was sentenced for 13 months. They were charged with throwing Molotov cocktails on Yonathan building in Silwan. Al- Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Ramzi, said that the Magistrate court sentenced on Thursday the young man Adi Bayoumi 21, from Beit Hanina for 12 months, note that he was arrested for 6 months and then was rearrested on charges of throwing stones where his suspended sentenced was renewed for 6 months. Mahmoud noted that the Magistrate court held a hearing session on Thursday to listen to three young men from Silwan, they are: Mohammad Sarhan, Ahmad Sarhan and Ishaq Sarhan; their court was postponed until January of 2014, and they were accused of assaulting Jewish people last year on Independence Day. 12