Madaa Center opens up the 8th Summer Camp
July 5, 2013

Madaa Center recently opened the 8th summer camp “I love you Silwan 8” in the playground of Wadi Hilweh in the village. Majd Gaith , the summer camp coordinator, explained that the number of participants in this year’s camp is 250 children, aged between 6 and 15 years from all over Jerusalem. He also said that the camp’s activities were divided into morning and evening activities where the morning part teaches children the art of mosaic, arts, sports, music in addition to the leader’s activities and tours in the neighbourhood of Wadi Hilweh and especially in Ein Silwan. In order to get the children to be familiar with the old city, there are also tours in the old city of Jerusalem and its quarters and alleys which include the Islamic and Christian holy sites, while the evening activities include shows for clowns, inflatables games, Al-Sanabel theatre and several other activities and competitions. Gaith pointed out that a trip will be organized for the children before the month of Ramadan noting that participating in the summer camp is free of charge because of the hard economic times the Palestinian families in Jerusalem are facing and to try to get the largest number of children possible in order for them to benefit from their summer holiday. Gheith added that Madaa Center will hold few “Ramadan Nights” in the month of Ramadan.  

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