Settlers try to seize a house and a land in Al-Tur…and assault the owners
July 8, 2013

The settlers attacked on Monday 53-year old Sami Qalouni and Jamal Abu Steve while trying to seize a piece of land and a house in Gethsemane in Al-Tur east of the old city of Jerusalem. Sami Qalouni told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that two settlers suddenly raided his house and attacked him and his friend Jamal Abu Steve using big metal pieces injuring him in the head, hand and shoulder while Jamal suffered a broken hand. Qalouni added that the settlers put up a tent in the land claiming that they had bought a piece of the land; witnesses said that the police came and arrested Sami and took the settlers out of the land and confiscated the tent. Qalouni noted that he has been living in the house with a leasing contract even before Jerusalem was occupied, and surrounding his house is a piece of land that is planted with olive trees and where horses and poultry are raised, knowing that the land belongs to Al-Ansari family and is 8 Denims and 720 meters (8720 m). The settlers tried to raid the land again but were prevented by the police. أرض الانصاري