“I Love You Silwan 8” protest
July 7, 2013

Madaa Silwan Creative Center completed the first phase of the summer camp “I Love You Silwan 8” with a protest that went around the neighbourhood of Wadi Hilweh in the village and with a closing ceremony in the playground of Wadi Hilweh. The children participating in the protest who were around 300 participants between the ages of 5 and 13 raised the Palestinian flags and other banners with “I Love You Silwan” writings on them; they also wore shirts that said “I Love You Silwan” in both Arabic and English. The children launched balloons that carried the colors of the Palestinian flag by Al-Aqsa Walls, and chanted slogans for the prisoners, Silwan and Al-Aqsa. The protest, which was led by a group of Scouts, initiated from Madaa Silwan Creative Center towards the Umayyad Palaces where the Israeli Authorities has been continuously digging in the ground; an implementation to the settlement schemes in the area, and then the protest continued around the streets of Wadi Hilweh. Following the protest, there was the closing ceremony in the playground of Wadi Hilweh which included arts and musical shows along with poetry and Dabke that the children learned during their time in the summer camp. The children were honoured at the end of the ceremony and were handed gifts. Majd Gheith, summer camp coordinator, said that the main goal of the camp was to solidify the Palestinian identity of Silwan’s children, and make them aware of the dangers surrounding the town of Silwan in particular as well as compensating the children for some of their deprived childhood rights especially that neighborhoods in Jerusalem lack stadiums, arenas and playgrounds for children.  

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