Supreme Court reduces the sentence of Jerusalemite prisoner Ghazi Kan’an
July 6, 2013

The Israeli Supreme Court agreed recently to reduce the prison sentence of Ghazi Kan’an 38 from Silwan to 11 years instead of 13. Ghazi’s brother, Ismaeel, explained that they submitted an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court against the District Court’s decision to prison him for 13 years and a bail of 7500 NIS and the Supreme Court agreed to reduce the prison sentence to 11 years of actual imprisonment. Ghazi was arrested on the 4th of April 2010, after the Israeli forces raided his home in the neighbourhood of Ras Al-Amoud. He was accused of opening fire on an Israeli police force in the neighbourhood and slightly injuring one of them. Ghazi is currently prisoned in “Jalbou’” prison; he has 4 children where the oldest is 15 and the youngest is 5 years old.