Arrests made and people injured in a march in Jerusalem against Prawer plan
July 15, 2013

  The Israeli forces suppressed a march in Jerusalem that condemned the Prawer plan which will seize hundreds of thousands of Denims from the lands of the Arabs of the Negev and abandons tens of thousands from their villages. The Israeli forces arrested two young men and a boy, Ra’fat Sha’ban and Zaher Hamati were among them, and injured several other Jerusalemites with various bruises. The streets in Jerusalem (Al-Musrara street, Damascus Gate, Al-Sultan Suleiman street, Herod’s Gate and Nablus Street) turned into hit-and-run courtyards between the young men and the occupation forces. The Cavalry Unit suppressed any youth gathering and chased and assaulted them. Stones were thrown on settlers’ cars while passing through the streets of Jerusalem which led to the injury of several settlers. Some youth parties organized on Monday night a sit-in at Damascus Gate to condemn the Prawer plan. Palestinian flags were raised and slogans against this plan which aims at abandoning locals from their villages were chanted. When the protest launched towards Al-Sultan Suleiman Street, the Calvary unit and Special Forces surrounded the participants and assaulted and hit them. Basem Zidani, from the Palestinian Medical Rescue, said that more than 60 people were injured with bruises and broken bones where 12 of them were transferred to the hospital for treatment, among them was Saeed Al-Rukon (photographer) who had bruises in his leg and suffocated after he was directly hit on the chest. Photographer Amin Siam was hit with batons on his stomach and on the chest; Usama Mkheimar, a paramedic from the Medical Rescue, suffered a broken leg and another pregnant woman suffered a dislocated shoulder. The occupation forces closed on Monday night the area of Damascus Gate to secure the march of the extremists towards the Wailing Wall and then onto the settlement of “David’s City” in Silwan, on occasion of the so-called “Destruction of the Temple”.