Israeli Magistrate court order Siam Family to evacuate their house in Sheikh Jarrah
July 20, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court recently ordered the family of Hajja Natheera Siam to evacuate their house which is located in the western neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah “Um Haron’s building” in Jerusalem. Hajja Siam clarified that the Magistrate court gave them until early next month to implement the decision of evacuation for the benefit of settlers, knowing that Hajja Siam, her son and his family which consists of 4 individuals live in the house. She added that the court ordered them to pay 40 thousand NIS to the “Custodian of Absentee Property” which is the value of rent, in addition to 20 thousand NIS for the court. Hajja Siam lives in her 60-square meter house from the 60’s of last century and was paying rent to the lady responsible for the home who had the leasing contract, but after the lady passed away, the house became under the responsibility of to the “Custodian of Absentee Property” since they claim that the house is absentee property now. She pointed out that the first notice she received to evacuate the house was 6 years ago, after the office of to the “Custodian of Absentee Property” requested to renew the lease with higher rent in addition to paying large amounts of money; a result of accumulation of rent. She added: “the lawyer told me that I am a protected tenant and the Custodian of absentee property does not have the right to raise the rent.” She then added: “we hired a lawyer to follow up with the case, and the judge suggested that we stay in the house until I pass away, and lately the judge was changed and replaced by another one who suddenly ordered us to evacuate the house.” She pointed out that the family will submit an appeal to the Magistrate court, knowing that she will pay 15 thousand NIS. Hajja Siam appeals to all concerned institutions and human rights and legal organizations to intervene to help them prevent the evacuation of the house.  


صيام نظيرة نظيرة صيام