Ordering teacher Zeina Amro to stay away from Al-Aqsa for three months
July 23, 2013

  The police handed on Monday an order to stay away from Al-Aqsa to Zeina Amro “Um Radwan” who is a teacher at Al-Aqsa education program (Masateb), claiming that she disrupts security and public safety. Um Radwan explained that she received a phone call on Sunday from the Israeli intelligence to call her up and she told them that she was with a friend at the Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem. The police came to the hospital and tried to hand her an order to stay away from Al-Aqsa but she refused to receive the order and sign it and so the police arrested her and took her to Al-Maskobyeh in west Jerusalem.  She added that she was detained for two hours and was then released on condition that she would come again on Monday for investigation. When she went on Monday, she was investigated about her work in Al-Aqsa and about her family during which she was threatened to prevent her from her work in Al-Aqsa; the investigator emphasized that the order is valid whether she receives and signs it or not. Um Radwan pointed out that she has been teaching History in Al-Aqsa for two years and she takes the students on tours within the “tours of the Jerusalem school in Al-Aqsa” program which is sponsored by Al-Aqsa Architecture Foundation. Um Radwan said: “Israel is trying to empty Al-Aqsa Mosque from the activists in order to facilitate the extremists’ break-ins”, noting that the occupation had ordered 9 women to stay away from Al-Aqsa in the last few months. She also said that she was arrested last March for 24 hours because of refusing to sign an order to keep her away from Al-Aqsa.