A Jerusalemite pretzel seller is in prison for not having a permit to sell pretzels
July 28, 2013

The 54-year old Zaki Sabbah is serving a 10-year prison sentence in “Rimon” prison because of accumulated fines the occupation’s municipality imposed on him under the pretext of selling pretzels without a permit. Haaretz newspaper reported that the Local Affair court opened 254 files against the pretzel seller since 2005, which included fines from the municipality for selling pretzels without a permit where the total amount of the fines was 731,910.21 NIS and failure to pay each fine resulted in few days of imprisonment where the total number of days is 3554. The newspaper explained that most of the legal discussions and deliberations were in the absence of the pretzel seller who could not reach a settlement to pay the huge amount of money. The files were all combined in one big file and the court sentenced him for 10 years; Zaki Sabbah was arrested shortly after the court’s decision and then managed to contact his lawyer “Amir Schneider” four days after his arrest. The lawyer submitted a special request to the court, and the municipality suggested to release him if he pays 10% of the total amount which was 80 thousand NIS, but the judge ordered to release him if he pays 8 thousand NIS; the pretzel seller failed to come up with the required amount to remain behind the walls of his dark cell.