Al-Sharabati family removes the tin plates from the roof of their house to avoid evacuation
July 29, 2013

Al-Sharabati family executed the court’s decision and removed the tin plates from the roof of their house in “Oqbat Al-Khaldiya” in the old city of Jerusalem to avoid evacuation. Al-Sharabati family placed the tine plates on the top of their house almost 20 years ago to protect the rooms from the rain. Kayed Al-Sharabati said: “the Ateret Cohanim Association is continuously harassing us and they claimed that we had built a restroom inside the house, knowing that it was built with the house and is only 2.25 square meters, and we have paid 45 thousand NIS to the association, and 15 thousand NIS to the lawyer to prove that the restroom is an old construction, in addition to 20 thousand NIS that we paid several years ago to obtain an aerial photograph of the restroom.” Adnan Al-Sharabati, his wife, his four sons, his daughter and grandchildren have been living in the house for many years.

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