Enticing brochures targeting veteran prisoners
July 29, 2013

Some racist groups in the city of Jerusalem distributed enticing brochures targeting veteran prisoners on Sunday amid considering the release of some prisoners (pre-Oslo prisoners). The Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee said that the brochure which was titled “we killed….they released us” included the pictures of some veteran prisoners talking about themselves being killers and will now be released. Meanwhile, pictures for Egyptians with beards were also included but had names of Palestinian prisoners and at the top of the brochure was a green banner saying “No God but Allah”; the bottom was in red referring to blood and said “we won’t go crazy” in Hebrew and “we won’t release terrorists” and on the other side of the brochure were pictures of handicapped people who were killed by resisters. The brochure was signed by Terror Victims Association. Among the pictures that were in the brochure was the picture of the dean of prisoners Karim Younes, Maher Younes, Salem Ali Abu Mousa, Yassin Abu Khdeir and others.