Silwan welcomes Abu Rammouz and Al-Rajabi
July 29, 2013

The residents of Silwan welcomed on Sunday afternoon the two freed prisoners  32-year old Nitham Rushdi Abdelhafeth Abu Rammouz and 33-year old Wael Abdelfattah Jaber Al-Rajabi after spending two and a half years in the Israeli prisons. Abu Rammouz and Al-Rajabi were arrested in July of 2011 and spent 45 days in the occupation’s cells where they faced cruel investigation to get them to confess. They were charged of possession of a weapon and the planning to carry out an attack; they were transferred between several Israeli prisons. The two former prisoners delivered the message of the prisoners in Negev and Nafha prisons on the need to address the prisoners issue and work hard to release them without exceptions and without paying attention to the Israeli classifications; the prisoners also demanded to intensify popular movement and media in support of their cause. Regarding Israel’s intent to release the veteran prisoners, Abu Rammouz said: “the veteran prisoners’ hope has renewed with the news of their release, but they emphasize on the importance of adhering to the Palestinian constants and never give up on them no matter what the Israeli temptations are because freedom is never more precious than the homeland.” Al-Rajabi said: “the prisoners’ movement is experiencing a state of anticipation and cautious optimism these days, and this deal could be the last chance to release the veteran and sick prisoners.” Freed prisoner Wael Al-Rajabi Wael headed to Bab Al-Rahma cemetery as soon as he was released to visit his father’s grave that passed away at the end of last February. The occupation prevented him from seeing his father for one last time and joining his family in the funeral, knowing that they have not met for two years because of his father’s illness and the prison’s administration refused the special visit request more than once. Al-Rajabi warned of protest actions that could be taken by the Negev prisoners to protest against the ill-treatment of their families during visits, where the waiting hours are very long and the inspections are precise and humiliating. Before being released, Wael said that the Negev prison administration confiscated some handicraft he had made during his time in the prison; they are small handicrafts of the Dome of the Rock and handcuffs that refer to arrest. Al-Rajabi has four children where his oldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 3. Freed prisoner Nitham Abu Rammouz The freed prisoner Abu Rammouz talked about the administration of Nafha prison and how they threatened the prisoners to transfer them to different prisons as well as separating the visits of Jerusalemite families from the families of the 1948 lands as a punishment after the families protested against the visit last Wednesday when they were assaulted and humiliated. Abu Rammouz has two daughters who are six and five years old.

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