Violating the sanctity of Al-Aqsa in Ramadan…Settlers continue their assaults on Jerusalemites
August 9, 2013

Wadi Hilweh Information Center- Silwan monitored the Israeli violations against Jerusalemites in the city during the month of July in which several arrests took place as well as extremist settlers’ assaults in Al-Aqsa and on the properties of Jerusalemites. The Information Center monitored the arrest of 35 Jerusalemites including minors and a woman where most of the arrests took place during clashes that broke out in the streets of Jerusalem and while suppressing peaceful protests. The month of July also witnessed an Israeli escalation by violating the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque as dozens of settlers raided Al-Aqsa on occasion of the so-called “Destruction of the Temple”, in addition to organizing tours on the outside doors of Al-Aqsa and practicing religious rituals near them. The occupation authorities ordered Zeina Amro, a teacher in Al-Aqsa education program (Masateb), to stay away from Al-Aqsa for three months claiming that she disrupts security and public safety, knowing that she was arrested while being in the Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem; 25-year old Hussam Sider who is an employee of Al-Aqsa Mosque Reconstruction Committee was also ordered to stay away from Al-Aqsa. The Israeli occupation forces also suppressed in July a protest for the prisoners and another one that was against the Prawer Plan and assaulted and attacked the participants and severely beat them using batons, sound bombs and Calvary units.   Demolition In the context of demolitions in the Holy City, Al-Sharabati family in the old city executed the court’s decision and removed the tin plates from the top of their house in order to avoid evacuation, knowing that the family put the tin plates on the top of the house almost 20 years ago to protect the rooms from the rain. The municipality also handed a demolition order to the family of Jerusalemite prisoner Khaled Shweiki to demolish the balcony of his house since it is built without a permit. Assaults Towards the end of last month, a Jerusalemite young man was shot in his foot in Sheikh Jarrah as verbal altercations broke out between him and an Israeli police man who was dressed in civil clothes and ended up shooting him. Settlers continued their assaults on Jerusalemites and their properties as they damaged the windows of several cars at Lions gate and assaulted young men during the so-called “Destruction of the Temple” protest, knowing that the police was present at the scene but did not interfere and prevent the settlers or arrest them. Lands and properties In the context of attacks on lands and properties, a decision to evacuate Siam’s family from their house in the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah was issued, in favor of the settlers. The family has been living in the house since the 1960’s but the Custodian of Absentee Property claims that the family has been living there since 1968 so that they don’t benefit from the protection rights; the Custodian of Absentee Propertyis ordering Siam family to pay 40 thousand NIS to freeze the evacuation. Settlers also tried to seize a land and a house in the neighbourhood of Al-Tur at the beginning of July. They assaulted the residents as well as attacking 53-year old Sami Qalouni and Jamal Abu Steve and injuring them with wounds and bruises. The settlers are also trying to seize a property that belongs to Al-Rweidi family in Al-Ein area in Silwan. The family was surprised when the settlers appealed the District court’s decision which confirmed the family’s ownership of the property that consists of 3 floors (5 residential apartments) and 30 individuals live in it; it is registered under the name of Jom’a Mohammad Salem Darwish Rweidi.