Breaking into Al-Aqsa Mosque
August 12, 2013

Settlers broke into Al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday morning through Dung gate and under heavy protection from the police. Witnesses said that 51 settlers broke into Al-Aqsa within the so-called “foreign tourism program” after the stoppage of break-ins for about two weeks (last ten days of Ramadan and days of Eid Al-Fiter). Witnesses added that while the settlers were touring in Al-Aqsa, some of them practiced their religious rituals as they laid on the ground and that’s when there were chants of “God is Great”. The police arrested the director of prisoner’s club in Jerusalem Naser Qos, Mohammad Shalabi, and Ahmad Hadeeb from inside Al-Aqsa courtyards. Naser Qos said that the police released him as well as Ahmad Shalabi after interrogating them on charges of "incitement" as the police officer told him that he was arrested after posting a picture of the settlers on “Facebook”.