Preventing freed prisoner Ala’ Al-Ali from entering the West bank for 6 months
August 18, 2013

Jerusalemite freed prisoner, Ala’ Ismaeil Mohammad Ali, recently received an order which prevents him from entering the West Bank for 6 months in order to “maintain the State’s security.” Ala’ was released almost 3 months ago from the Israeli prisons after completing his 12-year sentence. The order which was signed by the IDF Commander “Nitzan Alon”: (An order to prevent the entrance to the West Bank. “According to my responsibilities as the IDF Commander “Major General Nitzan Alon”, and according to the emergency cases and within the law and my responsibilities, an order to prevent the entrance to “Judea and Samaria”, Title 34-1967 and entrance order number 5 “for Israeli citizen and foreigners” “Judea and Samaria” for the year 1970, and after being convinced that there is a substantial doubt and to maintain the security of the State….this is a mandatory order to maintain the area’s security and to protect the citizens, I order this: Ala’ Ismaeil Mohammad Ali is not allowed to enter the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) area or to be present in the area unless with an order from me or my side.