Settlers assault the family of Sub Laban in the old city of Jerusalem
August 19, 2013

Sub Laban family members were injured with bruises and wounds after being attacked by dozens of settlers while being near their home in Al-Qirmi neighborhood in the old city of Jerusalem. Amal Sub Laban (Um Louai) explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center what happened with the family saying: “while I was on my way home in Al-Qirmi neighborhood along with some family members, one settler who follows my son Adam on a daily basis was staring at us and suddenly he disappeared. We kept on walking, and while I was helping my husband walk since he is paralyzed as a result of a stroke and we were only a few meters away from our home, I heard my son Adam screaming. I rushed to him only to find 20-30 settlers attacking him and then they attacked me using sticks and iron chains as well as randomly spraying us with gas. My son Louai heard us scream and upon his arrival, the settlers surrounded him and attacked him as well.” She added: “I tried to scream and get them to move away from my sons Louai and Oday, but I did not succeed especially that they sprayed me with a good amount of gas on my eyes and from a close distance; they also attacked me and my paralyzed husband using their belts on our bodies.” She explained that she tried to appeal for a group of Jews and the synagogue security next to her house to call the police, noting that the police arrived and moved the settlers away. Ambulances arrived at the scene as well and all family members were transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem and Shaare Zedek hospitals for treatment as they were all injured with bruises, wounds and burns; Oday had 4 stitches in his head. She also explained that a group of settlers attacked Oday the next morning and the police detained him for a few hours at Al-Maskobyeh and was then released on condition of house arrest for 5 days. Um Louai mentioned that she suffers on a daily basis from settlers attacks on the people that live by her house in the synagogue.

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