The Arab community in Italy supports Jerusalem with medical professions
August 18, 2013

The Arab community in Italy and with coordination with the foreign doctors union in Italy and “United for Unity” movement initiated projects lately to support the locals of occupied East Jerusalem in terms of health, medicine and medical professions. A twinning agreement between First Aid Arab Union Society and the “United for Unity” movement was established. It was further agreed to work with “Basmat” association and to enhance the cooperation and coordination between the movement and all the professional unions in Jerusalem through the exchange of experiences and delegations in the fields of medical research and health, as well as creating a working program and research cooperation projects between universities in Italy and the University of Jerusalem. Networking and projects This has been achieved after the community’s director and head of the foreign doctors union in Italy, Professor Fouad Odeh carried out a field tour in Jerusalem. The tour was initiated and coordinated by the medical director of First Aid Arab Union Society in Jerusalem, Mahmoud Arrar, who was assigned to be the representative of the “United for Unity” movement. Professor Odeh was a guest at the First Aid Arab Union Society in Jerusalem and the Professional Unions Complex for medicine, health, pharmacists and dental where he had several workshops with a number of doctors, first aid crews, pharmacists and dentals during which they reviewed the real medical and health situations in the city of Jerusalem and also discussed future working plans and projects to support the medical and health fields in the city; Fouad’s visit included a visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Old City.