Accusing two young men from Esawyeh of stabbing a settler…extending the arrest of a Jerusalemite and the release of two
August 19, 2013

The Israeli prosecution submitted on Monday an indictment against 19-year old Sultan Abu Hummus and 18-year old Mahmoud Rajabi from the village of Esawyeh to the District court. The indictment included: “Attempted murder, intentional harm and interference of justice.” They are accused of stabbing an Israeli settler in Damascus gate on the 16th of last month and injuring him with mild to severe wounds. According to the Israeli prosecution’s claims, Abu Hummus and Rajabi admitted to the charges against them and their arrest have been extended until completing the legal procedures against them claiming that they are dangerous on the “State’s security.” The Israeli police report stated that the “Israeli” investigations revealed that after the settler and his friend had finished praying at the Wailing Wall and were walking towards Nablus Street, they were stabbed. The two young men were presented to the District court on Monday and another session had been scheduled for next Tuesday, knowing that the first is accused of monitoring the stabbing and the second is accused of executing the operation. In a related matter, the Magistrate court extended the arrest of Ahmad Atef Obeid from Esawyeh until next Wednesday to continue investigating him. The court also released Rushdi Obeid with a third-party bail of 3 thousand NIS and house arrest for 10 days, knowing that he was arrested last Thursday. Nadeem Mohammad Essawi was also released after being arrested on Sunday night while being on his way to the medical center because of leaving his house while being under house arrest.

ابو الحمص والرجبي

الرجبي ابو الحنص

الرجبي وسلطان

سلطان ابو الحمص والرجبي