Silwan: Searching commercial stores and houses, issuing tickets and distributing calls
August 19, 2013

The Israeli authorities carried out on Monday a series of searching and raiding operations for several houses and commercial stores in the village of Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the property tax, income tax and municipality’s employees carried out a joint operation that covered the neighbourhoods of Al-Bustan, Ein Al-Lozeh, Al-Abbasyeh, Bi’er Ayoub and the central neighbourhood and established checkpoints in those areas. The Center’s crew explained that the Israeli forces raided the houses of Sarhan and Odeh in Al-Bustan neighbourhood, and the house of Siam in the neighbourhood of Bi’er Ayoub. They also raided several commercial stores in order to harass the merchants, and confiscated the watermelon from one of the stores; they also issued tickets for other stores under the pretext of displaying their merchandise outside their stores where each ticket was 450 NIS. The municipality’s employees requested the commercial stores to license their stores’ signs that are hung above their stores in order to “maintain the citizens’ security”, knowing that the signs have been there for many years. The Center was also informed that the municipality raided a restaurant in the neighbourhood of Ein Al-Lozeh and ordered the owner to remove a chimney. Many stores were forced to shut down their doors to avoid the harassment of the Israeli authorities.  

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