Khaled Al-Zeer puts up a tent to live in
August 20, 2013

Al-Zeer family put up a tent in front of their house which was demolished by the Israeli bulldozers on Tuesday morning in the neighbourhood of Al-Abbasyeh in the village of Silwan.

Khaled Al-Zeer said: “I put up a tent on the street to insist on my right of living in my land and country”, noting that he will stay in the tent with his family to protect his 11-Dounom land from being confiscated in benefit of the Israeli schemes.

The Israeli bulldozers demolished on Tuesday a residential room for Khaled Al-Zeer without prior notice, knowing that he lives in the room with his family that consists of 7 individuals (him, his wife and five children where the oldest is nine years and the youngest is 4 months old); he also insisted that he will live in the tent and will not leave it.

الزير 2

خيمة الزي

The room that was demolished is 60 square meters and has been built for seven years on the family’s land; the bulldozers also swept several citrus trees as well as olive trees that were planted in the family’s land.