A landslide in the old city of Jerusalem
August 20, 2013

The entrance of Assaily family Hosh (area between the houses) slid on Tuesday evening because of the Israeli excavations in the area.

Abu Mahmoud Assaily said that he was surprised to see the landslide while he was on his way to the night prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque which was a deep hole (6 meters deep and 20 meters wide), knowing that the Hosh is 20 meters away from Al-Aqsa.


Fifteen families live around the Hosh where each family consists of 10 members; it is also considered to be a safe path for the citizens to go through.


It is noteworthy that the last landslide that took place in the area was in 2008, and the occupation’s municipality forced the families to fix the damages on their own expense.

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