Silwan: Arrests, issuing tickets and handing out calls
August 21, 2013

For the third consecutive day, the Israeli authorities continue their joint operation by the municipality, Nature and Parks authority, tax authority and police against the locals and properties of Silwan.


Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Israeli police distributed calls to several young men and children in the neighbourhood to investigate them.


The police also issued a 470-NIS ticket for a commercial store that sells construction equipment, under the pretext of displaying the merchandise outside the store. They also took pictures of several other stores in the neighbourhoods of Ein Al-Lozeh, Bi’er Ayoub and Wadi Hilweh which forced the store owners to close their shops to avoid the harassment of the Israeli authorities and imposing huge fines on them for no reason.


The police forces also taped a paper on a car that is parked in a street in Silwan requesting the owner to move it within two days because of “public image”.


The Israeli police are deployed in the streets of Silwan and especially in Wadi Al-Rababe and are establishing checkpoints and stopping cars and passers-by.


In the afternoon hours, the police arrested two young men after pulling their car over. Witnesses said that the police established a checkpoint near the bridge area and arrested the two guys; one of them was identified as Omar Al-Momani.

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