The release of a child…extending the arrest of two boys
August 24, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court judge decided on Friday to release 15-year old Nour Salim Shalabi from Jerusalem with a bail and on condition of house arrest. Omar Shalabi, Secretary of Fateh Movement in Jerusalem, said that the Magistrate court judge decided to release his nephew after paying a 500-NIS bail and ordering him to four days of house arrest as well as staying away from Al-Aqsa Mosque, the old city of Jerusalem and Damascus gate for a month. He pointed out that the Israeli authorities arrested the child last Wednesday while he was coming home from Jordan through the Jordanian bridge. On the other hand, the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of 15-year old Thaer Mheisen and 17-year old Ali Mheisen until next Sunday in order to submit an indictment against them in the District court, knowing that the prosecution accused them of “throwing stones on an Israeli bus and putting the lives of citizens at danger in a main street.”