Raiding commercial stores and stalls in Damascus Gate
August 26, 2013

The Jerusalem Municipality’s employees raided stores in Damascus Gate on Sunday and handed notices to the owners to remove the commercial stalls placed in front of their stores since they are not licensed.


Merchants explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the municipality’s crews raided Damascus Gate and took pictures of commercial stores and the stalls in front of them, and then randomly handed the owners notices asking them to remove the stalls since they are not licensed; they also told them that they can go license them at the municipality within week from Sunday.


Merchants added that the notices give each one of them a week to obtain a license to place a stall in front of his store, knowing that the municipality’s crews threatened the merchants to impose a 450-NIS fine on each one of them if they obtain a license.


The merchants expressed fear of the new restrictions and measures that can be taken by the municipality in order to give them a license for the stall, like reducing the space where they are allowed to display their merchandise.


Merchants of Damascus Gate confirmed that the stalls existed since the day they opened their stores where each merchant displays his merchandise as a means of marketing and to distinguish Jerusalem's old city markets from other markets.


One of the merchants said: “they handed me a notice to remove the stall, knowing that it is only 60 centimetres in front of my store and is legal and I have a license.”

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