Martyrdom of three young men during clashes in Qalandia
August 26, 2013

The Monday morning clashes in Qalandia resulted in three Martyrs and 15 mild to severe injuries. Clashes broke out between the young men of the refugee camp and the Israeli forces that raided the camp to arrest the freed prisoner Omar Khatib.


Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Martyrs are: 28-year old Rubin Al-Abed Fayez Zayed who is a freed prisoner, 19-year old Younes Jihad Abu Sheikh Jahjouh and 20-year old Jihad Aslan; they all passed away after being shot directly in the head and chest.


Witnesses said that Israeli forces dressed in civilian clothes raided the refugee camp at dawn time and arrested the freed prisoner Omar Khatib and clashes broke out with the young men in which the Israeli forces heavily opened fire towards them.


Director of first aid in Ramallah explained that a number of young men were injured with live bullets in the head, chest and other parts of the body, noting that private ambulances participated in transferring the injured people.