Clashes in Qalandia during the funeral of the three Martyrs
August 26, 2013

Thousands of Palestinians participated in the funeral of the three Martyrs that passed away on Monday morning during the Israeli forces raid on Qalandia refugee camp north of Jerusalem. The funeral of Rubin Al-Abed Fayez Zayed, Younes Jihad Abu Sheikh Jahjouh and Jihad Aslan initiated from in front of the Palestine Medical Center towards Qalandia refugee camp as the Martyrs were transferred in ambulances and upon arrival to the refugee camp, each Martyr was carried to his house so that his family and friends can take the last look at him. The funeral march was fronted with masked individuals who heavily fired shots in the air, a tribute to the Martyrs’ spirits and chanted slogans calling to avenge the assassination process. After performing the funeral prayer, the three Martyrs were buried in the refugee camp’s cemetery. It is noteworthy that Rubin is a freed prisoner who was free within the “Shalit” deal nearly two years ago, and Younes Jahjouh is a freed prisoner and is in his first year at Modern Media Institute which is part of the University of Jerusalem. After the funeral was over, clashes broke out between the young men and the occupation forces in which the forces fired sound bombs, tear gas bombs and rubber bullets towards the young men who threw stones and empty bottles. Dozens of passers-by from the camp and the area suffocated from the tear gas and several others were injured with rubber bullets.  

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