Slashing the tires of six cars in Beit Safafa
August 27, 2013

Israeli settlers slashed the tires of six cars on Tuesday early morning hours in the neighbourhood of “Al-Tantour” in the village of Beit Safafa south of Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the locals were surprised to find six cars with slashed tires in addition to racist slogans that were sprayed on them and the walls of the neighbourhood such as “Revenge…death for Arabs…payback”. Shadi Neer, one of the owners of the cars, said that the damaged cars belonged to the families of (Neer, Alyan, Ashhab and Zandeel). He also pointed out that the incident took place in a side street and the police have been informed and came to the scene later on and investigated the incident; they also took pictures of the cars and slogans.  

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