Five schools in east Jerusalem teach the Israeli curriculum instead of the Palestinian
August 27, 2013

The Jerusalem municipality opened on Monday the 2013-2014 school year in which five Arabian schools in east Jerusalem substituted the Palestinian curriculum with the Israeli. An educational official revealed a meeting that took place in “Hertzilya” near Tel Aviv that included directors of Arabic and Israeli schools in which the idea of implementing “Bagroot” was suggested. The idea was immediately welcomed by the Israeli side. The educational resource explained that five Jerusalemite schools contacted the Jerusalem municipality and insisted on their refusal of implementing the Palestinian curriculum in their schools and requested to start the “Bagroot” system. The source also explained that the municipality decided to award the administration of these five schools by increasing their personal salaries and paying them 2000 NIS for every student registered in their schools, knowing that the schools are: Sur-Baher Boys, Sur-Baher Girls, Ibn Khaldoun, Ibn Rushd and Abdullah Ibn Hussein. Abdelkarim Lafi, head of parents union committee for schools that fall under the municipality in east Jerusalem, explained that teaching the Israeli curriculum would not be limited to substituting the Tawjihi with the Bagroot, but it will start from first elementary up to the 12th grade since the Bagroot exam is an education system that is built gradually. Lafi confirmed that the Israeli curriculum distorts history, religion, geography in addition to distorting the national culture since it discusses the “Israeli history”, for example, the student will not learn that Jaffa is a Palestinian city but an Israeli one and so the new generation wouldn’t know anything about the Palestinian case. It also teaches them about the “Independence of Israel”, Presidents of Israel and so direct the Palestinian students’ minds to the political matters.