Closure of the 6th grade in “Bi’er Ayoub” school in the village of Silwan
August 28, 2013

Sixth grade students in Bi’er Ayoub Elementary School in the village of Silwan were surprised on the first day of the school-year when the occupation’s municipality closed down their classroom because of lack of classrooms. Parents of students said that their children headed to school on the first day of the school-year, but they were left in the streets after the school refused to let them in, under the pretext of lack of classrooms, knowing that they have been in the same school since first elementary. They also said that the number of students that were denied entrance was 40 students. Fares Alkhales, head of parents  union committee for schools in Silwan, explained that the village of Silwan is part of the city of Jerusalem and suffers from a severe shortage of classrooms because of the municipality’s failure to develop strategic plans to commensurate with the natural increase of population growth. He explained that the occupations’ municipality claims that it closed one of the 6th grade classrooms in order to have room to register first elementary students.