The arrest of three young men and injuries during clashes in Esawyeh
August 28, 2013

The Musta’ribin (undercover) unit arrested on Tuesday night three Jerusalemites. Ten others were injured during clashes that broke out in the village of Esawyeh after the martyrdom of three men from Qalandia refugee camp. Witnesses said that a Musta’ribin unit which is part of the Israeli police raided the village during the clashes and arrested, assaulted and severely beat three young men, they are: Ahmad Daoud Obeid, Ahmad Zmurod and Ahmad Ghaleb Shahin. The youths burnt tires and threw stones towards the Israeli forces that were positioned at the main entrance of the village. The Israeli forces responded with sound bombs and randomly fired rubber bullets which injured 10 young men in the village in addition to the use of the water cannons to disperse the youths.