A protest for the sixth grade students from Silwan Elementary School
August 29, 2013

Students of the sixth grade from Silwan Elementary School gathered on Wednesday in front of the school and the municipality to protest against the closure of their classroom and leaving them without an educational framework. Participants held signs that said “our right in education is the same as our right in living and we do not have room in the school.” Mohammad Adib, one of the parents, explained that they held a meeting on Wednesday with officials in the municipality who refused to reopen the 6th grade, under the pretext of lack of capabilities to do so. He added that 60 students from the school’s students don’t have room and the municipality claims that it opened new 1st elementary classrooms instead of the 6th grade. The 11-year old student Mahmoud Jaber said: “on the first day of school, I headed to school but the administration refused to let me in under the pretext of opening new classrooms for 1st elementary.” He also said: “I have the right to learn just like any other child; we don’t want to stay in the streets.” He added: “the administration told us to go to other schools in Al-Thori and Ras Al-Amoud without providing transportation for us. Every day we hear about arrests, and the Musta’ribin (undercover) unit that raids schools and kidnaps children.”   IMG_2959 IMG_2965 IMG_2966