General prosecution submits an indictment against a mentally disabled young man from Esawyeh and the judge refuses to release him!
August 30, 2013

The general prosecution submitted to the Magistrate court on Friday an indictment against 19-year old Ahmad Daoud Obeid that included charges of throwing stones at Israeli forces. The judge extended the arrest of Ahmad Obeid until the 15th of September, 2013 when the so-called “conduct officer” releases his report to discuss the possibility to release him with a bail and house arrest. Ahmad is mute and suffers from a mental disability and despite his terrible psychological and medical conditions, the judge refused to release him knowing that the Musta’ribeen unit arrested him last Tuesday and assaulted and severely beat him which left him with wounds and bruises; he was then transferred to Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital for treatment. Abu Ahmad expressed his worries about his son’s condition because he doesn’t know what the prison, investigation and police are like. During the court sessions, Ahmad tries to get away from the guards surrounding him to get to his family. Abu Ahmad pointed out that he submitted to the judge all the documents that explain his son’s psychological and medical conditions but she ignored them and agreed to extend his arrest; he also showed her pictures of Israeli forces assaulting him while he was being arrested. He added that his son Ahmad was transferred to a mental hospital in Der Yassin and the doctors called him to get some information regarding his son’s situation but they refused to provide him with any information regarding the status of his son. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, intends to appeal the duration of detaining his client Ahmad, especially that he suffers from terrible psychological and medical conditions.