Clashes between the young men and the settlers in Al-Qirmi neighbourhood
September 25, 2013

Locals of Al-Qirmi neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem confronted the settlers on Wednesday night and prevented them from carrying out a march in the neighbourhood’s streets on occasion of the “Sukkot” holiday. Abu Ashraf Da’as, a resident in the neighbourhood, explained that nearly 400 settlers marched in Al-Hakari and Saraya neighbourhoods and upon arriving at Al-Qirmi neighbourhood, they were confronted by the residents of the neighbourhood (children, young men and women) and were prevented from continuing their march. He also pointed out that the settlers were forming dancing and singing rings in addition to raising Israeli flags and directing obscene words against Arabs. Abu Ashraf added that clashes using hands broke out between the settlers and the locals and a large Israeli force arrived at the neighbourhood and assaulted the Jerusalemites.