Israeli forces break into the Silwadi family house in Silwan
September 27, 2013

Borders police along with masked individuals from special units broke into the house of Yassin Silwadi after midnight on Thursday in the neighbourhood of Baten Al-Hawa in Silwan to arrest his brother Adel. Yassin Ibrahim Silwadi said that he was surprised when the masked individuals along with borders police broke into his house while he and the family were sleeping at 2:30 a.m. after breaking the main door of the house which frightened his three children and woke them up crying. The forces then searched the house looking for Adel even though Yassin told him that his brother no longer stays with him; they also put up the ladders and went to look on the roof of the house. Yassin added that the forces assaulted and severely beat his brother Yehya who is psychologically ill. Yassin said that he informed them that his brother is sick and told them that he has documents from the hospital that proves his illness but the police officer did not care and mentioned that he already knows that, and still managed to assault him. They took him to the roof and tied his hands behind his back and beat him using their guns and legs. Yehya was screaming and was injured with a cut in his face and several bruises in his right leg. Yassin said: “the masked forces tried to break into my children’s room but I asked them to remove their masks before going in, and one of them went in the room without a mask and searched my children’s clothes and beds using the knife that is placed in the front part of his gun.” He noted that they did not leave the house until searching all its contents and then asked Yassin to provide them with his brother’s phone number but he refused.