Three settlers assault two girls from Silwan
September 28, 2013

Three settlers assaulted two girls from Abu Rmeileh family on Saturday morning while they were heading to their school in the old city of Jerusalem. Abu Yousef Abu Rmeileh said that three settlers assaulted his daughter and his niece and they are: 13-year old Zikra Ahmad Abu Rmeileh and Ghada Mahmoud Abu Rmeileh while passing through the Jewish Quarter. They were pushed and hit on the face which injured them with bruises in addition to the fear they suffered. He explained that he filed a claim in Al-Silsileh gate police station. The police investigated the incident and said that they identified the settlers through the cameras in the neighbourhood. Abu Jamal, a witness, said that he saw the two girls crying near Al-Silsileh gate and upon asking them about the reason, one of the girls told him that three settlers assaulted them and so he took them to the police station and filed a claim after their family arrived. Abu Yousef Abu Rmeileh noted that there are daily assaults on passers-by in the Jewish Quarter either by physically attacking them or by directing obscene words to them or by throwing rubbish at them. He noted that the two girls usually go through the Jewish Quarter coming from Silwan and going to Al-Silsileh gate in order to get to their school “Khalil Al-Sakakeen”.