An Israeli decision to ascend the roofs of houses in the old city of Jerusalem
September 28, 2013

The Israeli forces handed on Saturday a decision to several residents in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood in the old city of Jerusalem that enables them to break in the houses and ascend the roofs when necessary and threatened to arrest and assault anybody that objects the order. Locals explained that they were surprised when the Israeli forces and intelligence broke into several houses in Oqbat Darwish in Al-Sa’dyeh neighbourhood and handed an order that enables the forces to break in the locals’ houses at any time, and without having the right to object. The residents added that they refused the decision and tore up the paper in front of the forces. The Israeli forces are ascending the roofs of the houses in the old city and turning them into a military points whenever clashes break into the neighbourhoods, and fire bombs and rubber bullets towards the alleys. It is noteworthy that the police broke into several houses in the neighbourhoods of Bab Hutta and Al-Sa’dyeh and ascended the roofs.