Summary of “Supporting Al-Aqsa” day in Jerusalem and its environs
September 27, 2013

Clashes were renewed on Friday night in different parts around the city of Jerusalem in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque. The forces arrested nearly 17 Palestinians and dozens suffocated and were injured with bruises and wounds due to shrapnel of sound and gas bombs as well as electric shocks, rubber and live bullets. The Musta’ribin unit arrested four young men in Shu’fat Refugee camp and one of them was injured with a live bullet in his foot after the Musta’ribin opened fire towards the young men; 25 others were injured with rubber bullets and shrapnel of sound bombs in addition to suffocation cases. Thaer Abed Rabbo, a resident in the neighbourhood, explained that the Musta’ribin raided the refugee camp from Ras Khamees and they were in a white Citroen car.  They opened fire towards the young men and injured Mohammad Da’eeni in his foot and then arrested him despite his injury. Three other young men were also arrested, among them: Izz Eddin Al-Karri and Mohammad Faqeeh, knowing that one of the detainees is suffering from severe pain in his foot since he recently underwent a surgery where platinum was place in his foot, yet he was still pulled on the ground from the refugee camp until the checkpoint; note that the detainees were severely assaulted. Abed Rabbo added that the forces used waste water to disperse the protesters in addition to spraying it towards the residential houses and commercial stores. He added that the forces assaulted several journalists to prevent them from filming the arrests and also assaulted the paramedics while being present in the area and fired sound bombs towards them. Abed Rabbo noted that the occupation forces stationed at the checkpoint detained him for 3 hours because of having “Al-Asifa” flag in his car. He was handcuffed and detained in the room that is established at the entrance of the refugee camp and was then released on condition of not entering Jerusalem. Red Crescent Center in Jerusalem said that 15 young men were injured in the streets of Jerusalem and Ras Al-Amoud, 8 were injured in Abu Dees and Ras Kasbah, 30 in Qalandia and Al-Ram and they were all injured with rubber bullets and shrapnel of bombs in addition to suffocation cases. Clashes also broke out on Friday night between the young men and occupation forces in Jabal Al-Mukabber and the young men blocked the streets of the neighbourhood using rocks and garbage containers. It is noteworthy that clashes also broke out in Al-Ram, Anata, Qalandia, Abu Dees and Bethany and a hole has been dug in the Separation Wall that separates Jerusalem from Abu Dees. The forces arrested young man Ibrahim Siam on Friday night while he was on his way to perform the evening prayer in Al-Aqsa Mosque. Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s photographers were also assaulted in the village of Esawyeh, and photographer Ahmad Gharabli who works for the France Press Agency was injured in his leg in Ras Al-Amoud.  



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