Extending the arrest of 11 Jerusalemites and releasing 3 others
September 30, 2013

The District and Magistrate court judges extended the arrest of 9 Jerusalemites on Monday, and the Magistrate court judge released three others on conditions. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of 17-year old Yousef Ali Mheisen, 18-year old Mahmoud Nader Hoshyeh and Mahmoud Mousa Dirbas until Thursday, and released 15-year old Ibrahim Riyad Kleib on condition of house arrest for 30 days and only allowing him to go to school; the Israeli forces arrested them on Monday early morning hours. The general prosecution submitted an indictment to the Magistrate court against Suhaib Rajabi and the judge extended his arrest until 10/10/2013 which is when the so-called “conduct officer” released his report to discuss the possibility of releasing him with conditions. Mufeed Al-Hajj, prisoner’s club lawyer, said that the police released Sari Haddad with a third-party bail knowing that he was arrested on Sunday night. A session was held in the District court for the minors Laith Husseini, Mohammad Abu Rammouz and Ishaq Ateet from Shu’fat refugee camp in order to read the indictment submitted against them which included throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the occupation soldiers last August, note that they were arrested at the beginning of September. Another session was scheduled on the 31st of October, 2013 while the session to discuss the conditions of releasing them will be held on the 9th of October, 2013. Al-Hajj pointed out the situation of the minors in “Ofek” prison as they confirmed to the judge during the session that they do not get any meals in addition to the lack of washing and hygiene and were crying from the severity of hunger, but the judge did not comment and only took a note; fatigue signs were obvious on the features of the children. Al-Hajj appealed for human rights organizations to check the situation of “Ofek” prison and submit administrative petitions against the prison’s administration and to expose the repressive practices against the children detainees that their ages do not exceed 16 years. In a related matter, the District court judge extended the arrest of Marwan Marqasto and Murad and Ayoub Marqasto until 02/10/2013 for sentencing after being accused of assaulting a settler in the old city of Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Magistrate court extended the arrest of Naeem Hadyeh until Wednesday on charges of throwing stones. Lawyer Anwar Abu Lafi said that the Magistrate court extended the arrest of Mohammad Mutasem Abu Lafi until 07/10/2013 knowing that he was arrested on 10/09/2013 after Al-Aqsa events. The administration of Asqalan prison released 20-year old Fadi Mohammad Abu Lafi from Al-Tur after finishing his 5-month sentence, knowing that he was arrested during Al-Nakba protest.