Extremists attack six cars and a tomb for the Latin Church in Silwan
October 1, 2013

Extremists slashed the tires of six cars early Tuesday morning, in addition to damaging a gravestone in the cemetery of the Latin Church in Silwan. Amjad Kash’am, a resident in the area, explained that dozens of settlers were in the area of Nabi Daoud to participate in a religious event. Upon finishing their event, they raided the neighbourhood and slashed the tires of six cars that belong to the families of (Zanadeh, Haleisi and Aleiwat) using sharp tools. Kash’am added that racist slogans have also been written on the walls of the cemetery and cars (revenge, price tag) in addition to damaging a gravestone. He pointed out that the surveillance cameras documented the assault and that the residents heard their voices when they entered the neighbourhood which made them run away. One of the cars that have been damaged belongs to an Israeli guard that works at the Wailing Wall. Kash’am explained that the extremists broke more than 15 gravestones in the Evangelical Christian cemetery two days ago in the area of “Nabi Daoud’s Tomb”. Father Firas Hjazeen from the Latin Convent denounced the attack that was carried out by the extremists in the neighbourhood, emphasizing that this is not the first time the Christian properties in the Palestinian lands are attacked, stressing on the importance of penalizing the aggressors and describing the assault as being “coward”.  

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